Eric Corwin “spooktacular” house video

This house is incredibly spooktacular

By Mark Durdak

A few years ago Eric Corwin started making fake headstones and putting them in his front yard.

This seasonal display has turned into a full time job. Every year this make shift cemetery gets bigger and better.

The front yard has a graveyard of pirates from years long gone. The front entrance has a spectacular view of wrought iron fencing that houses a mausoleum with a dancing ghost. Trick-or-treaters also find a rocking grandma who reads to her baby. The young child has since long past.

Eric lives next to a grade school and gets a kick out of all the kids staring at the house as they pull into school. At night he says he usually gets fifty to eighty people coming up to see his work.

Once he stores all of the headstones and closes up shop for the winter, Eric gets started on new headstones right away.

He makes the headstones out of Styrofoam and carves the letters with an Exacto knife. He finishes them off some paint and blammo you have an instant headstone.

The funny thing is that Eric does not like scary movies or haunted houses.


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